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Designed specifically for the Precast Concrete Industry, Titan II combines critical administrative and management processes into one easy-to-use software package. Certain to reduce overhead cost, Titan II will streamline many of the daily processes that producers face.

From Job Order processing to Production Scheduling through Accounts Receivable collections, Titan II, was designed to help producers follow customer orders all the way through the Precast process.

Customer Relationship Manager

The “Customer Dashboard” is the center piece of our CRM system and offers information that only Titan can provide. Our “Contact Management” screen and “Weekly Planner” screen round out what might be the most powerful CRM system in the precast industry.

Visual Takeoff Manager/Quotes

The Visual Takeoff module featured in Titan II is the most advanced and efficient way to perform takeoffs and piecing up structures. A picture of the stack and a plan view displays right next to your takeoff to give you a visual representation of the structure you are working on.

Visual Estimator

The Visual Estimator is designed to make the estimating process for custom products easy and precise. By enabling users to view a drawing while entering custom dimensions the Visual Estimator can be configured to automatically create accurate, detailed bills of materials. 

Sales Order Processing

Now with Titan II Precast Management System, anyone in the office can answer customer questions instantly. No more running around looking for job folders or running out to the yard looking for pieces. 

Job Cost Processing

Titan’s Job Cost Processing module can be utilized to manage costs on large scale projects, small projects or even capital equipment and facilities. Create job estimates and budgets by phase and cost code. Compare and analyze budgeted amounts to actual expenditures by individual cost codes or by phase. Copy job estimates by job or job template. Job notes and tasks can be assigned and monitored by individual or by task category. 

Document Management

Imagine the possibilities…blue prints, signed delivery tickets, QC documents, production drawings, MSD Sheets…countless critical documents at your fingertips. Retrieve documents by job, customer, structure, product, vendor, ticket number…any number of ways. 

Quality Control

Filled with analytical reports and graphs, Titan’s Quality Control Module enables companies to leverage their QC efforts. Strong integration with Titan’s production and production scheduling features makes the onerous tasks of quality control paperwork – simple.

Bar Coding And Labeling Module

Gone are the days of tedious stenciling and spray painting or the unprofessional look of crayons. Now, with Titan’s Bar-Code and Labeling model, labels can be easily printed directly from production scheduling, production processing or inventory receipt processing. No need to retype any information or shake a spray can, the 6” by 12” labels are sure to stick and can be viewed from a long distance. 

General Ledger Processing

The General Ledger module ties together all aspects of Titan II for a complete financial picture of your business. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory receipts and production processing are all tightly integrated with the General Ledger to give you a clear view of the past. Our “Active Budgeting” feature will give you a clear view of the future. 

Production Processing

Titan’s production scheduling features were specifically designed for the Precast industry. The challenges of tracking and scheduling “special” items as well as stocked items becomes considerably simpler using Titan II. 


Titan enables the production scheduler and dispatcher to act as a cohesive unit. By sharing information through Titan, both production and dispatch personnel are given the tools to achieve efficiencies that would otherwise be unobtainable using a manual system. 

Purchase Order / Inventory Management

Inventory turnover can be dramatically improved by Titan’s simplified processes specifically designed for the Precaster. Dispatch and production processing, bill of materials management, and purchase order processing are all tightly integrated. 

Accounts Receivable Processing

Titan’s Accounts Receivable module provides many tools for tracking and managing customer account information. Intuitive features coupled with informative reporting are the hallmark of the Accounts Receivable module. 

Accounts Payable Processing

The Accounts Payable module provides all the tools for managing your expenditures. With tight Purchase Order integration, validating vendor invoices is no longer a cumbersome chore, while selecting invoices for payment is quick and easy. 

On Screen Protractor

Titan’s Onscreen Protractor was designed to make capturing structure information easy. Whether using Titan’s Visual Takeoff program, Titan’s Quick Quote Screen or an Excel Spreadsheet, angles can quickly be determined by the drag of a mouse.

Visual Loader

Save time and money by utilizing our Visual Loader module to visually determine the most efficient way to load your trucks and trailers. Why waste valuable labor hours on trial and error when you can experiment and visualize on the screen in a fraction of the time.

Fixed Assets

Increase the useful life of your equipment by utilizing Titan’s Asset Manager module. Emphasizing maintenance, depreciation and costing, this module brings together key equipment processes into one integrated program.

Timesheet Module

Designed to completely integrate with Titan II’s Production Processing, Job Costing and Payroll Modules, Titan’s Timesheet Module is a powerful tool to accurately capture labor hours.

Payroll Processing

The Payroll Processing Module is an excellent addition to Titan’s family of products specifically designed for the precast industry. Secure and tightly integrated with the general ledger, the Payroll Module completes Titan’s financial set of modules. 

Inter-Company Accounting

Unique and powerful, Titan’s “Inter-company Accounting” features enables multiple companies to work as one cohesive unit. Related companies can now be combined under one database while maintaining individual trial balances and financial statements. 

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